Support Ukrainian Products and Services in Wartime with


Supporting Ukrainian businesses during wartime is now possible through, a new website launched by the Petcube team. The website features a catalog of Ukrainian companies, start-ups, and brands operating in Western markets.

According to Sofia Chervynska of Petcube, Ukraine is home to many excellent products, thanks to its thriving entrepreneurship, strong engineering culture, and authentic design. Despite the war being waged on the people of Ukraine, their businesses remain determined to succeed on the global stage.

To highlight the best of Ukrainian products, O0 Design has created a shortlist of Ukrainian companies that sell globally. From tech giants to artisanal brands, these companies bring value to the economy and deserve our support. By buying their products and services, we can directly support Ukraine and help bring an end to the darkness of war.

Visit to stand with Ukraine and support its businesses during these challenging times.


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