The Comprehensive Benefits of Ballroom Dancing on Social, Physical, and Psychological Well-being


Tatiana Rebrikova’s research highlights the benefits of ballroom dancing in 55+ communities.

As we age, it’s no surprise that areas of our lives decline. We settle in a job, focus on a career, raise families, or pursue career advancements, leaving our social lives to suffer. For some, a lack of consistent activity affects their mobility and weighs on their consciousness. Tatiana Rebrikova, a semi-professional dancer living in Port St. Lucie, Florida, has studied the multifaceted benefits of ballroom dancing, highlighting its significant impact on social interaction, physical health, and psychological well-being. 

While Tatiana Rebrikova is not a professional instructor by trade, she has carved out a significant niche as a Pro/Am competitor and performer in the world of ballroom dance. Rebrikova also represents Fred Astaire Studios as its Dance Ambassador, utilizing her platform and passion for dance to expand its reach and influence.

In her capacity as Dance Ambassador, Rebrikova acts as an inspiring figure and spokesperson for Fred Astaire Studios. Her accomplishments on the dance floor, as well as her dedication to the craft, serve as a testament to the transformative power of ballroom dancing. Rebrikova leverages her own personal journey and competitive success to engage and attract a diverse audience to this artistic discipline.

Her efforts include promoting the broad-ranging benefits of ballroom dancing, targeting people of all ages. Through various showcases, competitions, and performances, she highlights the multifaceted advantages of ballroom dancing. Whether it’s experience gleaned from social interaction, physical fitness, or emotional and psychological enrichment, she shows that everyone is capable of enjoying and benefiting from dance.

Rebrikova actively conducts and participates in research initiatives aimed at understanding and disseminating the extensive advantages dance offers. Her studies, along with public appearances, support the notion that ballroom dancing can improve social well-being by fostering community and shared interests. It’s a way for people to connect, form lasting bonds, and interact in exciting and enjoyable settings.

Physically, Rebrikova illustrates how ballroom dancing is an excellent form of exercise that promotes agility, balance, flexibility, and overall cardiovascular health. From beginners to seasoned dancers, the active routines offer wonderful health benefits that can lead to a more active lifestyle.

Emotionally and psychologically, Rebrikova’s mission underscores ballroom dancing’s ability to boost confidence, reduce stress, and provide an expressive outlet for coping with everyday pressures. She champions the therapeutic aspects of dance, consent that rhythm and movement can serve as a release and a source of profound joy and satisfaction.

In showcasing these benefits, Tatiana Rebrikova put concrete effort into attracting a wide-ranging audience to the exciting world of ballroom dance. She volunteered to showcase and teach ballroom dancing at a local 55+ community Valencia Grove in Port St Lucie. When the chairman of a residential community approached her, she eagerly agreed to teach the residents ballroom dancing. The benefits were observed immediately. “The results were noticeable immediately – from the moment they gathered on the dance floor. They greeted each other with joy, listened enthusiastically to my dance instructions, memorized the rhythm, and tried to keep up with the beat,” Rebrikova noted.

The benefits of ballroom dancing are comprehensive and well-suited to any age group, with the benefits being most observed in those 55+. Tatiana Rebrikova takes great pride and joy in teaching ballroom dance to the 55+ community. “I received incredible pleasure from the process. My students boosted their mood and energy, improved communication and physical activity. I once again received visual confirmation of how dancing has a colossal positive effect on many areas of a person’s life.” Tatiana Rebrikova is planning to continue to volunteer to teach dance at various communities to introduce audiences to this form of sport and art.

Tatiana Rebrikova’s studies can be read in full on the following journal websites:

About the Author

Joaquin Holloway is a resident of Louisiana where he writes about health and wellness, ranging from dance therapy studies to fitness trends among the senior population. He is an avid pickleball player.

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