Should the Eagles be concerned about Jalen Hurts’ progress?


Football can never be easy in Philadelphia, at least if you’re a Quarterback. You’re always under the microscope and Jalen Hurts is the perfect example. The position alone has such a huge demand for success with little patience to get there. Early on in the offseason, Jalen Hurts was all the rave as several media members praised the QB for his growth and for the work that he has put in during this offseason.

We’ve seen only bits and pieces of Jalen Hurts’ training this offseason. As photos of him training with DeVonta Smith and even A.J. Brown, before and after he was an Eagle, but the truth about the ugly side was bound to reach the surface.

Recently on Sports Takes Live, Derrick Gunn joined Barrett Brooks and Rob Ellis to talk about the QB’s progress or lack thereof. Gunn emphasized that the Eagles had their QB in a controlled environment for a series of 10 plays which is why he never feels the need to be “too hyped” about OTA’s, minicamp, and even training camp.

Derrick Gunn went on to mention that he asked a few people about where Hurts was in his process. Gunn said, “One person said let me give you a scenario of what he went through in one day of practice. It was a ten-play scenario. He had three picks, four incompletions, and three sacks.”

A bit of an eye-opener for sure but as many know, Jalen Hurts wasn’t surrounded by many of the team’s starters during their camp period. Even so, it could be a bit concerning to see the 3rd year QB struggle in a controlled environment such as practice.

Derrick Gun then followed up on that remark of the Eagles QB by questioning the person, “So, what are you thinking?” The person who was giving this information to Derrick Gunn left very little room for optimism as he responded, “He’s got a ways to go.” Barrett Brooks then acknowledged that he’s heard the same information from within the organization.

While we shouldn’t be too concerned about practice at this point in the offseason, the fact of the matter is that this is the current reality of this team. While they have outdone themselves by stacking up at nearly every position except for Safety, their young QB is still at a crossroads in his growth. 

With all of the expectations of this team rising by the day and players like Miles Sanders raving about the energy surrounding the team, the Eagles have very little room for failure. At this point the words rebuilding and retooling can no longer be used as an excuse. If Jalen Hurts doesn’t take the necessary steps forward then it could put this organization in a bind during the next offseason when they have to decide on what to do with the QB position.

The 2022 season is a do-or-die moment for Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles. Hurts will be playing for his second contract while the Eagles will be battling back and forth on who their QB will be for the 2023 season. I’ve never seen a QB under such scrutiny before but if there’s any QB that could come out of the scuffle victoriously, it would be Jalen Hurts. 

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire



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