Pomeranian puppies stolen from Fishtown groomer


Philip Stevenson has not been able to sleep since police officers rang his doorbell and woke him up early Sunday morning.

He has been worried about the safety of his two Pomeranian puppies — Marilyn and Elton, who are both only six months old — since learning the pair were snatched during a burglary at his business, Spot’s Spot, a pet grooming salon in Fishtown.

“They’re lovable, outgoing and wonderful,” said Stevenson, who adopted the dogs more than four months ago. “I love them. I’ve bonded with them.”

Stevenson lives in the apartment above his shop, located near Frankford and Girard avenues, but didn’t hear anything until authorities arrived at around 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

The thieves smashed the glass front door to gain access, ransacked the salon and took about $3,000 in cash.

The burglars smashed the glass front door of Stevenson’s business, Spot’s Spot Pet Grooming.Philip Stevenson

Stevenson told Metro he doesn’t know if the burglary was targeted or random. A smoke shop on the block also appeared to have been broken into that morning, he added. Police confirmed that the burglary is being investigated by the East Detectives Division.

Marilyn and Elton are siblings and Stevenson’s personal pets. He usually keeps his six dogs in the upstairs apartment overnight but decided to separate the puppies this past weekend because one of his other dogs is sick.

He has operated Spot’s Spot, a small, full-service dog and cat grooming salon, for 12 years. Stevenson is now considering installing roll-up security gates, even though he believes they make a business look uninviting.

“I never have thought I would have to put up gates or be worried about being burglarized, only because I thought, ‘Who would want to rob a pet grooming salon?’” he said.

Stevenson pleaded for the pets to be returned and said he is offering a “huge reward,” though he has not set a specific amount.

“My pets are my life,” he said. “I made a business out of it, a livelihood.”

Philip Stevenson

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