Genie’s Secret Bazaar opens in Philly next weekend


Fever—an event company that aims to showcase the best of the best from London to New York to Paris and beyond—has set its sights on the City of Brotherly Love. What Fever offers ranges from concerts to culture and pop-ups in each place it occupies—and the latter offers an experience like no other right here in Philly.

Next week, Philadelphians will be able to experience the event company’s latest endeavor, Genie’s Secret Bazaar— a family-friendly immersive pop-up experience that will call the Fashion District home for a limited time beginning June 16. 

Inspired by the classic, ‘Aladdin and The Magic Lamp,’ those who head to the colorful marketplace will be able to witness firsthand the effects of the magical venue, which is described as a beautiful hideaway where merchants, fortune tellers, and awe-inspiring artists spin an imaginative tale of adventure. 

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As a release states, this unique immersive event combines the fun of an American carnival with the adventure of The Grand Bazaar to create a magical world for adults and children alike. And there’s plenty to see and do while roaming the bazaar, such as performance vignettes in secret theaters featuring a magician, shadow puppets, and a one-of-a-kind diorama.

The experience, like most of Fever’s events, will make everything about the atmosphere immersive, including options where visitors can solve hidden puzzles in a scavenger hunt and win prizes at old-timey carnival games. Some may even see sparks fly when Aladdin encounters an evil genie.

On top of the energetically decorated stalls bustling with activity, Philadelphians can also enjoy a snack from local favorites such as Rock N Rolls, Sate Kampar, and Fat Lady Brewing  (just to name a few), while shopping for local treasures from Morales’ Magical Gift Shop, Namaste Gorgeous, The Pragmatic Witch, Stevie Laney Art, and many more during your visit.

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Fever has already made its mark on the City of Brotherly Love with their recent Dining in the Dark 90-minute tasting adventure that ran in the spring, and also, their Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience and The Mad Hatter’s Gin & Tea Party that have both won rave reviews across the U.S. With the Bazaar, however, this experience is planned to make its way to Detroit, Phoenix, and Seattle later this year after its stop in Philly. 

Tickets can be purchased on Fever’s marketplace at, with prices starting at $30 for children and $35 for adults. Shows will run Thursday through Sunday at Fashion District Philadelphia, 901 Market St, Suite 1150. Weekday sessions take place at 6 and 8 p.m., with weekend time slots as early as noon. Fever’s Genie’s Secret Bazaar will be at Fashion District Philadelphia for one month only. 

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