City Cruises offers the best views for summer 2022


The City of Philadelphia is full of views. But, there are few as beautiful as those on the Delaware River Waterfront—and more specifically while cruising on it.

One way to embark on the aquatic and picturesque journey down on the river is through City Experiences, a water and land-based experience company. Through its subset, City Cruises (which offers dining, sightseeing and private events across 22 destinations in the U.S., Canada and the UK), Philadelphians can step foot on the Spirit of Philadelphia and embark on tours this summer.

“We offer a wide range of city cruises on the Delaware River, all designed to showcase the beauty and fascinating history of Philadelphia. Highlights include our signature lunch, brunch, and dinner cruises, and several special holiday cruises, from our upcoming Father’s Day Cruises to our iconic New Year’s Eve Cruise,” says City Cruises in a statement.

The company had made a name for itself operating on behalf of the National Park Service and the Niagara Parks Commission (they currently provide ferry service to landmarks like the Statue of Liberty National Monument, Alcatraz Island and Niagara Falls). But their curated and holiday cruises have been a fan favorite.

Although the company’s portfolio also includes City Ferry, Niagara Jet City Cruises, and land-based experiences with Venture Ashore, plus Walks and Devour Tours—there’s just something about Philly that makes this specific experience unique.

“Philadelphia’s unique place in history means that no matter what experience you choose, you’re going to see defining landmarks that shaped America as we know it. Philadelphia also has a distinctive personality,” City Cruises’ statement continues. “That chance to become steeped in American history in a way that feels lighthearted and entertaining is really what sets our Philadelphia experiences apart.”

This summer, City Cruises will be offering a few standout options on top of their typical packages.

City CruisesSpirit of PhiladelphiaProvided

Their Father’s Day cruise (June 19) can be for the whole family, and offers brunch and dinner options, both of which come buffet style, along with music, dancing and entertainment. Their popular 4th of July Signature Brunch Cruise and 4th of July Fireworks Signature Dinner Cruise both feature a chef-prepared meal and live entertainment. However, an extra dazzle regarding the dinner cruise is the fact that you get a front-row seat to Philadelphia’s fireworks display. However, the 4th isn’t the only day with that option.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend Memorial Day with your family, through the company’s signature brunch cruises (which include food, deck games and a narrated tour) will be available. Their new Memorial Day Fireworks Dinner Cruise however, taking place Saturday, May 28, features a chef-prepared meal and front-row seat to fireworks over the Delaware River.

The Spirit of Philadelphia can also be reserved for events. Every package is custom, and anyone interested can reach out online.

“We hope that people leave with a sense of how special Philadelphia is and how seamless it can be to enjoy its landmarks,” City Cruises’ statement finishes. “We offer something for every age, and we hope that through our experiences, locals and visitors alike can see how fun and lighthearted learning about the city’s history can be.”

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