Art in the Age now offers boozy ice cream


The summer season’s favorite treat is ice cream…so why not make it a bit more special and add some spirit?

Boozy ice cream is now available throughout the sunny season at Art in the Age, and those with a sweet tooth can indulge in Milk Jawn’s creamy Double Fold Vanilla flavor, as well as a weekly rotating flavor, topped with a selection of premium spirits from the Old City venue. 

“We’re so excited to continue our pattern of collaborating with other small businesses in the city,” said Craig Richie, General Manager at Art in the Age in a statement. “Especially when it comes to something as delicious as Black Trumpet Blueberry poured over Milk Jawn’s vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day.”

As Richie mentioned, some indulgent flavors will be available including: Sierra Fig, Mountain Berry, Black Trumpet Blueberry (the only cordial made with mushrooms and reminiscent of blueberry pie), and Apple Crisp. An Amaro Float is also available via zero-proof elixir, The Pathfinder Hemp and Root, which is akin to a no-alc amaro (and it was also recently lauded in the New York Times.)

According to a release, patrons can even top their ice cream with limited releases from sister distillery Tamworth Distilling, including their  House of Tamworth Graverobber Unholy Rye (made with maple syrup and tapped from graveside maple trees in New Hampshire), Tamworth Garden Pommeau, (the acclaimed spirit made from fresh apple cider and distilled brandy), plus many more.

And every Thursday, the boozy ice cream offerings are available at a special rate. Those who head out to Art in the Age on those specific days will receive a serving of Milk Jawn ice cream for $5, with cordial toppers just an additional $1. Friday through Wednesday however, the ice cream is still $5, with cordial toppers offered for an additional $3 (and limited special release toppers available for an additional $7.)

The release also states that additionally, the bar at Art in the Age is now open for imbibers to enjoy selections from the rotating seasonal cocktail menu and weekly specials including Mai Tai Tuesdays, in which guests can enjoy Mai Tai’s all day for $10 each, and Whiskey Wednesdays, where every Wednesday a new whiskey-based cocktail is $10. Guests are encouraged to check out Art in the Age’s Instagram page (@ artintheage) each day for details on that day’s drink.

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For more information on Art in the Age (116 N 3rd Street) and their new boozy ice cream selection available throughout the summer, visit


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