2022 Home Run Derby odds: Betting preview and best bets for Monday’s contest


Grab yourself a six-pack and cash in those free bets – we’re celebrating the most exciting All-Star event in all professional sports – the MLB Home Run Derby.

If it wasn’t already thrilling and shiny enough, the 38th Annual Home Run Derby will take place in Hollywood, home to the stars.

The only thing getting slapped on Monday is homers, thankfully. Without further adieu, here’s everything you need to know for Monday night’s showdown and all the bets that will make you richer than Bryce Harper.

Home Run Derby Matchups

Kyle Schwarber (1) +290 v. Albert Pujols (8) +2200

The Philadelphia Phillies’ biggest surprise of 2022 will have a chance to defend his National League-leading 28 home runs. Schwarber’s no stranger to the event either, placing as runner-up in 2018 to none other than now-teammate Bryce Harper.

This article is truly a Phillies hype piece disguised as gambling advice, so we’re hammering Schwarber.

If you’re feeling cheeky, Pujols, who only has five homers on the year, has seen better days, but at +2200 on FanDuel, it’s worth $10 for what would be a historical exclamation point for the career of the long-time St. Louis Cardinal.

Not to mention, rooting for the Blue-Haired special candidate would be fun.

Pete Alonso (2) +185 v. Ronald Acuna Jr. (7) +700

Reining champ two years running, Alonso might feel a bit disrespected coming in as the #2 seed to rival Schwarber. Still, the Metropolitan remains the favorite.

The Polar Bear is a good bet but not a fun one. He’ll probably win again, but are you comfortable putting money on the success of a New York Met? I’m not.

He draws another NL East-er in Acuna Jr., so a little tasty treat as the fight for the division tightens. Let’s ignore this one as Phillies fans. Your heart shouldn’t outweigh your wallet in most cases, but I’m not touching either one of these.

Corey Seager (3) +1000 v. Julio Rodriguez (6) +1000

This is by far the most exciting matchup. Seager’s been showing off his power the last couple of weeks, which is why I traded him in fantasy. Too much success can be a bad thing; ask my writing career.

I’m putting a little nest egg on Seager to win the whole thing. These are good odds for someone that could win.

Rodriguez has a bit of intrigue as well. The ‘rookie-sensation’ (I hate saying that) could be a nice callback to a young Ken Griffrey Jr. making a splash at the same event. Obvious parallels aside, this kid is just fun to watch.

I know what you’re thinking – ‘is this guy putting money on everyone in the HRB,’ to which I reply, yes, I am. That’s why I’m writing gambling advice, and you’re just reading it.

Juan Soto (4) +650 v. Jose Ramirez (5) +1600

Is anyone else tired of the dominance of the NL East? Soto returns amidst an average season by standards, but it still feels like he could win. Vegas agrees, giving him the 3rd best odds in the field. The old Soto swagger boost.

My friend Frank Fowler, of SEC Network fame, would kill me if I didn’t mention J-Ram – the first Cleveland Guardians player to reach the Home Run Derby since Carlos Santana in 2019. Honestly, I thought Santana was on the Phillies in 2019, so if you’re still reading, that’s your loss.

Best Bet & Winner/Runner-Up

You’re likely here because you’re a Phillies fan, and I won’t disappoint you. As previously mentioned, we’re going in on Schwarber to win the whole thing, and if you bet today, $10 down on the big man nets you $29.

We’re going to spread our money around, though, and it’s on Pujols, Seager, and Soto.

Even just $5 on Pujols returns $110, and if you believe at all that they fix major league sports, it’s a good time to invest in the 42-year-old.

Seager and Soto make sense because they could win! They have decent odds.

If you’re a coward, and I’m sure you are, or you wouldn’t be looking for gambling advice, the field versus Alonso is -250. He isn’t winning again. Watch me eat those words.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Slocum



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