2022 Flyers Development Camp: “Tournament of Campions”


Prospects like Cutter Gauthier, Elliot Desnoyers, and Ronnie Attard received glowing reviews throughout the 2022 Flyers Development Camp.

Cara Morey, Mike O’Connell, and Kjell Samuelsson all gave glowing reviews, particularly about Attard. Chuck Fletcher placed excessive weight on Gauthier after balking at the opportunity to land Johnny Gaudreau. As for Desnoyers, he is turning pro with the 2022 IIHF World Juniors beginning on August 9th, 2022; an updated timeline from the previously canceled December 26th, 2021 start time.

Today is the last day of the 2022 Flyers Development Camp. There was no on-ice session, but the “Tournament of Campions” crowned a new “campion.”

“Tournament of Campions”

Below are the tournament rosters. Goaltenders are Samuel Ersson, Yaniv Perets, and Jonathan Lemieux.

The usual suspects continued to pop in the “Tournament of Campions.”

Attard, Gauthier, and Alex Bump earned their place in the spotlight this week. Gauthier is unfinished but shows signs of why he is the fifth overall pick of the 2022 NHL Entry Draft. Flaunting his offensive game in the tournament, Attard seems a lot smoother and more confident. Bump, in a shootout, presented solid stick handling and finished, despite not being awarded the goal.

Another standout was Zayde Wisdom. He can move the puck smoothly through the center of the ice. He did in the tournament, sure to finish with a goal. Yesterday, Wisdom made a wise play during a three-on-two entry drill. He stayed atop the crease, received the puck from behind the net, and earned the assist when Gauthier scored.

Battling for the “campionship” was Team White (Attard, Tuomaala, Bump) versus Team Orange (York, Wisdom, and Lycksell.) Team White secured the “campionship,” winners of the “Tournament of Campions.” A striking resemblance to this development camp; Attard, Tuomaala, and Bump made their impressions.

Ronnie Attard

All week, Attard made waves. On Wednesday, John Tortorella spoke to the prospects on their day off-ice. Responding the way you would think, Tortorella fired Attard up. Attard has his goals set to make the Philadelphia Flyers roster directly out of the 2022 Flyers Training Camp.

“He talked with the team, I believe it was on Wednesday. On Wednesday, he came in to talk to us, and I love what he had to say. Super excited to get to work with him.”

Ronnie Attard; 7/15/2022

Attard believes he is physically ready for the NHL. Following the conglomerate of moves Fletcher made in free agency to stabilize RD, it doesn’t appear that Attard will feature on the Flyers’ roster due to the current depth. Tony DeAngelo, Rasmus Ristolainen, and Justin Braun represent the RD depth. If Ryan Ellis returns, Braun becomes the seventh defenseman. If Ellis doesn’t return, it wouldn’t be sensible to allow Attard to ride the bench if he can continue to earn minutes with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms; therefore, Nick Seeler or Kevin Connauton are options.

Alex Bump

Winning the “campionship” is quite a bump of confidence. A fifth-round pick in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, he already feels secure in his skillset at development camp. Bump is as self-aware as he is confident. He knows what he needs to improve upon but trusts his strengths.

“I’m a big frame, I just don’t use it as well as I should.”

Alex Bump; 7/15/2022

Accountability and self-awareness are top-notch qualities to have.

“I think I have a lot of skill, but my body is definitely a big factor that can help me play in the NHL.”

Alex Bump; 7/15/2022

Zayde Wisdom

Philadelphia is going to love Wisdom. He already has a close relationship with another fan favorite, Sam Morin. Both players had surgery last season. Wisdom had shoulder surgery last August, and Morin had another knee surgery last September. Morin was a coach at the 2022 Flyers Development Camp, keeping a close relationship with Wisdom from when both were players.

“I think I was out five and a half months, to be exact. It was definitely tough coming back. I feel like I got my groove by the end of the season. Starting playoffs, I felt like I was back at a hundred percent.”

Zayde Wisdom; 7/15/2022

The 2020 Flyers draft class put together another impressive development camp. Wisdom jumped off the pages in this camp, keeping up with Tyson Foerster and Desnoyers.

(Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)



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