Ten Homakase offers a Michelin-star Omakase experience—at home


Since the pandemic, the uptick in at-home experiences has certainly escalated. And although most places are now back up and running, the feeling of  intimacy that an at-home celebration can bring is still enticing — and now it’s also been elevated.

Ten Homakase is an innovative at-home Omakase concept that offers diners a customizable and intimate sushi experience in the privacy of their own home. And as of lately, the company has expanded to Philadelphia.

Ten HomakaseCourtesy of Ten Homakase

“We are a premium and private Omakase offering. Jake Poznak and I have been long-time Omakase enthusiasts, and we are thrilled to have renowned Sushi Chef Daniel Kim as our co-owner and Head Chef,” says Ten Homakase co-owner Maxwell Weiss. “Noting a gap in the sushi market, we bring Omakase to you with a customizable, intimate, and unique experience readily available in the comfort of a private home, office, or event setting. We operate throughout Philadelphia and across the East Coast with an expandable nigiri course menu and quality-driven add-ons like uni, wagyu, and sake tastings.”

Omakase at its core is a Japanese phrase used when ordering food in restaurants, which means “I’ll leave it up to you”. For the at-home experience however, the customers do have some say.

“We are great at making customizable sushi for any group. We try to make something for everyone, [and] we always bring a variety of the freshest fish,” Weiss explains. “Each dining experience is unique and depends on the nature of the dinner, event, or celebration. Our booking team works with our customers to curate custom menus.”

With Kosher and vegetarian menus available, guests can choose from Nigiri menus of 12, 15, or 17 courses of uniquely curated fish, sake, and Japanese appetizers. There are also some add-ons that can upgrade your meal in the form of Wagyu beef nigiri, uni, and caviar. And the company aims to make each dining celebration—whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, an engagement, or maybe just a dinner party—very personalized to each group and event they serve.

Ten Homakase Courtesy of Ten Homakase

And the best part? The preparation is not so different than it would be at a restaurant, and there are few limitations to working from someone’s home, especially since they don’t require heat for preparation.

“The biggest benefit is being able to experience every aspect of the event we are catering to and getting to know our clients personally,” Weiss continues. “We can deliver the same quality meal you would find in a Michelin-level restaurant in the comfort of your home. With Ten Homakase, we bring the restaurant to you. Guests can have a private and personalized experience in their homes. The benefits are limitless: Whether you love rock music and want to listen to Led Zeppelin while eating Omakase, or want to be able to drink your favorite bottles of white burgundy from your home collections.”

Currently, Ten Homakase runs in seven different states, and the City of Brotherly Love is the latest stop on its continental takeover. On top of the dinner experiences, the company also offers private sushi classes and hopes to educate guests on their sushi by showing participants how to make personal maki rolls, hand rolls, and nigiri. These Omakase lessons are interactive and immersive, led by their team of professionals—and they also offer hand roll and nigiri counters for large-scale events.

Ten Homakase Courtesy of Ten Homakase

“We hope to create memorable and bespoke experiences for friends and families in Philadelphia,” finishes Weiss. “The distinct offerings are meant to be enjoyed among loved ones to produce unforgettable experiences. We are excited to be a part of future special celebrations and significant life events.”

For information on Ten Homasake and how to get the experience, visit tenhomakase.com

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