Meaning of the Name Masako


Masako is a female name in English, translated from Japanese and other languages.

The name is spelled in one word, 6 letters

Origin of the name: 


Name Meaning:

Right child / Elegant child

History and interpretation of the name:

The name is formed by combining Japanese 雅 (masa) for “graceful”, “elegant” or 正 (masa) for “right” with Japanese 子 (ko) for “child”.

Famous people with the name Masako

One of the most famous women with this name is Masako Katsura, a Japanese billiard player. Katsura was 15 years old when she won the Japanese women’s championship, and her hand movements, unusual for a beginner, attracted the attention of the reigning Japanese champion Kinrei Matsuyama. 

Star or planet: 


Name number: 


Most Masako women are introverts

Inherent qualities of the name: 

Caring, authority, excessive irritability, brightness, great emotionality.


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