Flyers’ Fedotov detained in Russia


A couple of days ago, Chuck Fletcher and Brent Flahr held a press conference. During that press conference, they spoke about the current goaltending picture.

Felix Sandström and Ivan Fedotov were frontrunners for a goaltending battle during training camp. Sandström had a respectable 91%SV in five starts, three of which were quality. Fedotov was a goaltender of the year finalist in the KHL, helping CSKA Moskva obtain the Gagarin Cup.

Fedotov remains detained in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This morning, the military registration and enlistment office detained Fedotov. His detainment revolves around the notion that he is an army evader, according to Fontanka. Fedotov wasn’t the only player put onto a wanted list. Nikita Tsirkul, a friend to Fedotov, is also on the list to be detained.

CSKA Moskva learned of these reports. In a statement, CSKA Moskva said, “we are sure that the competent authorities will sort out this situation.” Fedotov did not argue his detainment. Below is the video of Fedotov escorted out of the arena on the way to his detainment:

Anna Andronova of MatchTV stated that MatchTV filmed a special report on Fedotov yesterday. Today, after MatchTV filmed a training session, Fedotov was detained. While detained, Fedotov became ill. He left in an ambulance. He was detained for several hours:

Previously, Fedotov hinted that this could happen if he doesn’t renew his contract with CSKA Moskva. He still chose the Philadelphia Flyers. According to the Association of Lawyers of Russia for Sports Law, this does not exempt Fedotov from military duty.

If we’re reading between the lines, Fedotov choosing the Flyers in April did not sit well with CSKA Moskva. The reality behind this situation affects the NHL.

(Photo by Mickael Chavet/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)



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