Evil Genius teams up with Auntie Anne’s for new Oktoberfest brew


Oktoberfest is in the air.

Sure, it’s August, but that doesn’t mean Philadelphians aren’t ready to savor the flavor of Oktoberfest—just ask Evil Genius Brewery and Beer Company.

The local favorite has introduced its new Oktoberfest Lager collaboration, “Is Butter a Carb?” fashioned with the good people at Auntie Annie’s soft pretzels, and will be previewing the fruits of its labor in a special live tasting event on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 5 p.m. at 1727 N. Front Street.

The logic of an Oktoberfest celebration in August is simple math, marketing and good business says Evil Genius co-owner Trevor Hayward. “Oktoberfest beers are traditionally released starting at this time so they can make it into people’s hands all over the world in-time for the celebration in October.”

And if you’re going to bother with business, why not have a party, too. “Think German Beer Halls meets the 2000’s,” says Hayward. “We will have Auntie Anne’s here with their pretzel truck, a traditional German Band, a Stein Hoisting Competition, and plenty of celebrities and prizes to go with the debut of “Is Butter a Carb?”


Brewery co-owner Luke Bowen says that the brewery likes to find amazing companies to work with who share the beer makers’ whimsy and sense of nostalgia. “Auntie Anne’s is something that I have loved since childhood, and we wanted to bring this beer to life with them,” says Bowen. “And since pretzels and beer go together so well, we couldn’t think of a more iconic brand to work with.”

Yes, pretzels and beer are forever married — a no-brainer.

“The team at EG are huge fans of Auntie Anne’s, so we reached out to them to see if we could potentially work together,” states Bowen of linking up with the company started by Anne Beiler in 1988 when she bought a stand in the Pennsylvania farmer’s market, and created a doughy, butter revolution. “We hit it off right away and landed on this style. The beer is straw gold, has a delicious smell of pretzels in the nose, and finishes light, crisp, and refreshing.”

The name “Is Butter a Carb?” may be as goofy as any of the N. Front Street’s brew titles, but making it a lager goes back to true German traditionalism. “Evil Genius wants to make your laugh, and that is exactly what this name does,” says Bowen. “And we wanted to brew an Oktoberfest Lager to celebrate this partnership, this time of year, and paying homage to drinking beer and eating pretzels in Munich.”

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