Eagles WR A.J. Brown clears the air over “All-Star” comments


A.J. Brown has been a breath of fresh air for the Eagles so far. From his winning mentality to the support or his best friend, Jalen Hurts. Now he has found a new way to win over the hearts of Eagles fans as he has stepped in to provide a little clarity over Miles Sanders’ recent comments.

Whenever a player begins to talk up their own squad before the season starts, the fanbase and NFL media tend to overreact. While not a true overreaction, Eagles running-back Miles Sanders turned heads a week ago when he called the Eagles offense an “All-Star team.”

Sanders was clearly misquoted because later on he talked about proving it on the field and the future of the offense. Miles Sanders later made a note of that.

True leadership on a football team comes in all shapes and sizes. Miles Sanders’ teammates could have easily kept quiet and let the whole drama increase until it became another “dream team” fiasco.

Fortunately, this isn’t the same Eagles team and the roster has leadership at almost every position group.

“He’s excited about what this team could be. We all are. But we’re not An All – Star team.” newly acquired A.J. Brown said on twitter. “We definitely could be with years to come. We have strap up our pads and prove it every year and that’s what we plan to do!”

A.J. Brown is 25 years old. He’s still considered very young in the modern game and has already developed into one of the top pass catchers in the game.

But from a leadership perspective, even the Titans (A.J. Brown’s former team), didn’t really see this side of Brown.

The number one receiver speaking out in favor of the team’s development while understanding that there is still so much more to prove is an extremely important addition to this roster.

A humble, but confident offense paired up with a tenacious defense has the ability to combine for a special group. But when players end up talking before the games even begin, it could lead to a potential downfall due to the unnecessary expectations.

The fact that A.J. Brown silenced the noise before camp even began is just further proof that this Eagles team is different when it comes to the intangibles needed to be a great football team.

As A.J. Brown said, executing and playing like a great team is something entirely different and the Eagles look to prove that during this upcoming season.

Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire



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