Eagles’ Training Camp: Miles Sanders is still ”our guy”


After the Eagles’ defense won day two of training camp, many people immediately became concerned about the viability of their quarterback and offensive system.

Never mind that the Eagles’ offense won the day on Wednesday. Never mind that we aren’t even in August yet. People will look to be concerned as long as certain narratives are met.

Eagles’ Head coach Nick Sirianni understands this. In fact, speaking Saturday morning, he isn’t remotely concerned about the offensive struggles from yesterday.

Sirianni understands that it’s the second day of camp and both sides of the team are going to struggle. The defense succeeding on the second day is a direct response to the offense dominating on the first. It’s a common consensus that a group that struggles one day will come out with far more energy the next day.

It’s natural according to the Eagles’ head coach.

Miles Sanders and the RB’s

Jalen Hurts and the offensive struggles weren’t the only key points yesterday.

Miles Sanders, in the final year of his rookie contract, was seen running with the 2’s. It’s significant because, on day one, Sanders struggled in the passing game, and the next day we saw Gainwell with the ones.

The alarm bells sounded out throughout Philadelphia after that, but Sirianni made a point to note that there wasn’t anything there to read about it.

Of course, while this is a very normal statement and response, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Sanders never took second-team reps last season.

It’s hard to be concerned about two days of practice. But somehow we’re here. The key to note is that every group will struggle at times in camp. How they respond is extremely important in the growth of the team.

If Nick Sirianni isn’t worried, then no one else should be worried.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire



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