A Look Back at MLS: Highlighting Week 12 of 2022


Week 12 of MLS play took place on a Wednesday night when 20 of the 28 teams were in action. It was a throwback to MLS of the past in terms of weeknight matches counting as a week’s worth of play. Nevertheless, there was fun action, thrilling matches, fights, and much much more! Here’s a look back at week 12.

Week 12

Week 12 of 2022

In week 12 there were 10 matches all on one night of action. Seven teams from the east and 13 teams from the western conference played, and it showed that these teams were on short rest. Each team had played on the weekend, was going to play the following weekend, or had both to manage. Here’s a look back at the highlights from week 12.


New York vs Chicago

Philadelphia vs Miami

Minnesota vs Los Angeles

Houston vs Seattle

Nashville vs Montreal

Kansas City vs Colorado

Vancouver vs Dallas

LAFC vs Austin

San Jose vs Portland

Standings after Week 12

Winners in the East: NYCFC.

Draws in the East: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami.

Losers in the East: DC, Montreal.

Winners in the West: Seattle, Nashville, Kansas City, Vancouver, Austin, San Jose.

Draws in the West: Minnesota, Los Angeles.

Losers in the West: Houston, Colorado, Dallas, LAFC, Portland.

Week 13 Is This Weekend!

5 Things to Watch Ahead of Portland Timbers vs Philadelphia Union

Week 13 is this weekend and all the teams that played in week 12 are back in action, and so too are the teams that had the midweek off. Here’s a look at the matches for this weekend!

Saturday, May 21

  • Columbus vs LAFC
  • DC vs Toronto
  • Cincinnati vs New England
  • Nashville vs Atlanta

Sunday, May 22

  • Montreal vs Salt Lake
  • Charlotte vs Vancouver
  • NYCFC vs Chicago
  • Miami vs New York
  • Dallas vs Minnesota
  • San Jose vs Kansas City
  • Austin vs Orlando
  • Colorado vs Seattle
  • Los Angeles vs Houston
  • Portland vs Philadelphia

With only four games on Saturday, it could be easy to overlook them, but each game has teams looking to continue to move up the standings. LAFC is looking to get its hold of the west back with a win, DC is looking to get into the playoff picture in the east, Cincinnati could go top of the east with a win, and Nashville is looking jump into the top four of the west.

Looking at Sunday, the rest of the teams play, and the matches that bookend the day are the matches to watch. Montreal and Salt Lake are both looking to showcase that they are true contenders in their conferences. Philadelphia is looking for its first win in six league matches to stay a top the east, while Portland is trying to rise to the playoff picture in the west. Don’t miss the action!

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